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 Posted: July 14th, 2013, 08:10 PM
Finally finished.
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Since the majority of our members are already acquainted with proper forum etiquette, Code really only has one rule:
Don't be that person.

And, really, that's all there is to it aside from some general guidelines. Code is a community of people with a professional attitude who exercise common sense and proper judgement. Our members conduct themselves appropriately, and their posts are topical, meaningful, and in good taste. We like having fun, but we love accomplishment even more. Code gets things done.

Code is not a forum directory or an advertising hub. Posting links to request help or share script demonstrations is acceptable; posting links to generate traffic to or interest in your forum is not. However, links are permitted in signatures and user profiles, and active members have access to a subforum dedicated to showing off their own forums. We love seeing what you've built!

You can post any images that don't stretch the skin, but the upper limit for image height in posts, signatures, and user profiles is 200px. Anything taller will be automatically resized via CSS, and may end up looking poorly as a result. If you need to post something larger than the board itself, please link to it instead. The suggested avatar size for Code's current skin is 200x200px.

When making a code request, please use the Search feature and browse through existing examples, templates, and scripts prior to requesting anything. If what you're looking for already exists, you'll be directed to it. Code won't help you reinvent the wheel, but we'll be happy to help you change the rims and give the thing the wheel's attached to a spiffy new paint job.

Please be patient when requesting a new script or template. Many of the people on Code have obligations that can stand in the way of our coding. Don't worry! If we accepted your request, we'll get to it, we promise.

When asking for general help, provide as much information as you can, including a link to your forum, the name and version of your internet browser, what you may suspect the nature of the problem is, and any error messages you may have received. Vague questions("This isn't working, can anyone help me?") help nobody- in the end you will still be asked for the information described previously. We really can't help you without it!

Reputation is how members of Code say, "Thanks!" When someone gives you a hand, it's polite to return the favor by increasing their reputation. This incentivizes people to contribute more helpful posts and adds a little extra weight to posts made by the more knowledgeable members of our community. Similarly, reputation is Code's self-moderation tool. When a user's actions clearly violate community policy, the community can use negative reputation to reflect the violation.

Reputation is not to be used for liking or disliking a post or user. Changes to a user's reputation must always be accompanied by a reason.

Plagiarism is not tolerated. It is our protocol to remove any code or script reported to have been posted without the permission of its author. This does not include derivative works when they are permitted.

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