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 Burn the ashes, in-between/new cfs/cream,red,charcoal
& some verses
 Posted: April 15th, 2016, 11:08 PM
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Live preview: Click here (only visible on one forum of my test board, but there is login info for a test account).

I made this skin a while ago but never opened the forum. It was for an Orwellian concept but I think it would work well for any dystopian board.

I've converted it to use the new Custom Structure and it's now available for use. You are welcome to make all the edits you want to this skin. Really. Make it awesome-er. There are copious (read: sooo many) notes, tips, and other tidbits for use of the skin on the test forum so please read those (and snag the skin while you're there too).

Board Wrappers, CSS, and general notes
Alternate wrapper with include keys/codes
Pictures, board settings, extra stuff

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