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 Grid forum structure + profile
 Posted: July 9th, 2016, 11:18 AM
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So what I'm looking to do for my forum's structure is that grid-like arrangement, like this:

user posted image

The problem is, I know absolutely nothing about Black's CFS. So I'm really hoping you can whip me up a code that'll make my forums look similar to the example I showed, at least in terms of grid style, sub forums, forum name placement, topics/posts, and last replied to topic.

Now I'm not sure if you do CFS profile and mini-profile requests, but I'm going to throw that in here anyway just in case. I'm asking for them as a set because they're supposed to match. Here are the mockups I made:

CFS profile, mini-profile, hover mini

They should be that size, the avatar needs to be 250 x 400, the gif 180 x 180. The colours used should be black, white, 499225, and 983f79. The coloured bar at the top in the CFS should change with usergroup colour (I might have to do the custom field drop down thing for this, right?) as well as the coloured area behind the username in the mini-profile. I'd like PM, plotter, tracker, and wanted ad buttons on both, the placement is really up to you since I have no idea where they would best fit. Those squares I put in the CFS are just an example of placement but you can decide if it would look good there or not. I'd like the buttons to be those little icons that people use a lot, but I have no idea where to find them D:

I really hope this is not too tall an order for you and I thank you, @Black or whomever makes this for me.

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